A Step By Step Guide For Cleaning A Pressure Washer Pump

A Step By Step Guide For Cleaning A Pressure Washer Pump

Owning a pressure washer is more work than you may assume. For example, you have to follow strict steps to store the machine. Additionally, it would help if you winterized the machine to keep it from getting damaged in winter. The components of a pressure washer also require frequent care and maintenance to function properly. Furthermore, pressure washers often encounter performance issues like clogged nozzles that require immediate resolution or repairs. One of the mandatory elements of caring for and maintaining a pressure washer is cleaning the pump. This write-up discusses how to clean your pressure washer pump.

Cleaning a pressure washer pump

Below is a definitive guide for cleaning your pressure washer pump;

1. Turn off and unplug the machine

You cannot clean the pressure washer pump or any other component with the machine on. Therefore, the natural first step for conducting any repair on your pressure washer is turning it off. The technique for turning off a pressure washer depends on its type of motor.

In addition to turning it off, you must also unplug it. Experts also advise that you do not leave any room for restarting the pressure washer during the cleaning process.

2. Remove the pump

Since this process focuses on the pump, the second step is removing it from the machine. For this step, you will need a mechanical screwdriver and flexible tools. If you do not know how to remove the pump, you can search for tips online or contact a professional. You can also go through your manufacturer’s manual. While removing the pump, also take out the compressor.

3. Examine the pump

After taking it out, it would be wise to examine the pump before cleaning it. The purpose of examining the pump is to ensure there are no damages or issues that could impact its performance. You can also check for any wear and tear from frequent use of the machine. Once you have ensured that the pump is in good shape, you can move on to cleaning it.

4. Cleaning the pressure washer pump

You can start cleaning the pump by wiping it with ethanol or petrol. The next step is to spray it with water. From there, you can add some alcohol or kerosene to it. Continue to jiggle the pump to ensure the alcohol or kerosene comes into contact with its entire surface.

From there, wipe the pump’s valves to eliminate the dust. Finally, complete the cleaning process by blasting the pump with air to remove any leftover cleaning chemicals.

5. Return it to its position

After cleaning the element, you can return it to its position. However, before putting it back, you can inspect it again to ensure it didn’t get damaged as you were cleaning it. Then, ensure to screw it in place as it was before. From there, you can continue using your machine.


A clean pressure washer pump is the key to maintaining the machine’s optimum performance. It will also help improve the pump’s life. However, if you do not trust your skills to care for your machine, you can seek professional help.