PSI range on different cleaning projects! Let’s break it down!

PSI range on different cleaning projects! Let’s break it down!

Pressure washing is fast becoming one of the most preferred methods for cleaning a wide range of surfaces both in commercial, residential, and commercial locations. From patios and sidewalks to exteriors of homes for residential use. Pressure washing can be used for a variety of cleaning scenarios. Pressure washing is a fantastic method to maintain or restore the appearance of your home as many real estate agents suggest that prospective sellers consider a pressure washing to increase their curb appeal, as well as the listing value of their property.

In the case of pressure washers, knowing the pressure output can help you choose the best washer you require for the task at the moment.

Breaking Down the PSI!

The power of a high-pressure washer can be measured as pounds per square inch or PSI, as well as gallons per minute (GPM). The greater the PSI value is, the stronger the washer. Washers that have greater GPM provide more water at once and make the task speed up. Certain jobs will require greater power than others. However, the delicate surfaces could be damaged by excessive pressure. This article will guide you to select the correct pressure washer to meet your requirements.

Clean Siding and Fences

Look for the 1200 PSI Pressure Washer and make use of the 40-degree nozzle for cleaning painted surfaces of softwood including aluminum siding and windows. Be cautious when cleaning fences and structures, as certain materials are more fragile than other materials (like windows!). Stone, brick, and vinyl are all able to withstand the pressure that is higher than that 1600 psi model. For stucco, use the gentler cleaning force from the WORX Hydro shot as described below.

Yard and Patio

Most of the composite plastic, mesh, wood, and patio furniture that is unpainted can be cleaned with a 40-degree nozzle. Both models are able to be used on patios in order to wash outdoor cooking areas, grills and patio furniture, however, take note of the materials used for construction when choosing to pressure-wash furniture. Be cautious when using furniture painted with wood because too much pressure could take away paint, especially when it's already peeling. If in doubt it is best to use it is recommended to use the Hydro shot is a great alternative. It can also be used as a pressure washer to wash wheelbarrows and garbage cans as well as children's pools, as well as garden tools.

Sidewalks and Driveways

Asphalt and concrete require more power to clean. It is recommended to make use of the turbo nozzle at 1600 PSI for driveways with a difficult-to-clean surface as well as patios, sidewalks and walkways and brick pavers. For painted and wood decks surfaces, choose the gentler 40-degree nozzle. Be sure to check the recommendations of the manufacturer prior to washing composite decking material.

Benefits of Owning a Pressure Washer

Whatever pressure washer you decide to buy, the advantages of having one are evident:

Cleans Faster

Pressure washers are faster and more effective in cleaning patios, driveways, windows, decks, and cars than the conventional "bucket-and-brush" methods that you previously used. The job will be completed quicker and your property will appear better than if you cleaned it manually.

Water Conservation

It will take less water for the job. Pressure washers can cut down on water use by as much as 20% compared to a normal garden hose with no automatic shutoff nozzle. This reduces the runoff of gray water.

Professional Results

You'll be able to get professional results for less than the price. In time, the expense of having a pressure washer certainly pays off.